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Qi Balancing is East-West’s Signature Massage

Massage is a natural way of balancing energy in your body. The Qi Balancing Signature Massage is East-West’s tailored Chinese massage. Qi Balancing massage promotes the flow of energy, balances energy through our body sustains our health.

Qi pronounced chee means energy or vital life force. When qi is balanced, we are relaxed and at our best. The Qi Balancing session affects the flow of energy through the body by holding and pressing the body at acupressure points and using various TuiNa techniques to allow the body to naturally heal itself.

Qi Balancing is our signature healing touch. With specific techniques and focused intention of your massage therapist, you will increase your Qi; circulate qi, and help balance the body. This gentle massage will help to increase vitality, enhance the immune system and improve cardiovascular, respiratory, circulatory, lymphatic and digestive functions. This is a wonderful, slow paced massage that is invigorating and rejuvenating.

Qi Balancing helps to restore the Tri-Unity. The Tri-Unity represents the body mind and spirit. The Tri-Unity is East-West’s logo. Tri-Unity conveys our passion and commitment to create balance, harmony and stability in your life.

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