*Experience and Training:
• Certified in Reflexology Meridian Theory in Beijing, China in 2005
• Graduate of East-West Healing Arts Institute in 2006
• Certified Qigong Medical Training in Beijing, China, the World Health Organization
• Reiki Certified Level 1
• Qigong and Nutrition Training in Fort Lauderdale, Fl.

*Favorite Modality or Massage Technique:
Tui-Nam reflexology, Qigong and Swedish

*Favorite Mantra or Saying:
Oh Me Bat te UM (Tibetan prayer)

*Why I Practice Massage Therapy:
Since I retired from the State of WI I wanted to have a skill that would allow me to travel and work.

*Why I Love East-West Healing Arts School and Clinic:
It is great to be working with like-minded healers.